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Man’s pet frog swallows his fiancee’s engagement ring

By Mason White 1:05 PM July 30, 2014
Frog and ring illustration 

By: Devansh Dutt
A man’s pet frog swallowed his fiancee’s engagement ring while he was cleaning a glass aquarium.

27-year-old Roman Livane of Russia, said that he has the perfect little family. He got the frog 10 years ago. “It’s like part of the family,” he said. His girlfriend, Kristina, is the only girlfriend he ever had.

However, he admits that things got a little tense when he asked his girlfriend to take care of the frog while he cleaned the aquarium.

Kristina sat at the table while she played with her ​​engagement ring.”She dropped the ring and it fell onto the table where the frog was sitting. In an instant, the frog jumped and swallowed it,” Livane said.

The stunned couple tried to get the ring back, but the frog had already swallowed it. In desperation they took the frog to a veterinarian near their home in Yekaterinburg.

Veterinary Julia Malyshev, 38, said: “I must admit that I had my doubts, but an X-ray revealed that indeed there was the complete ring with the stone in the stomach.”

Malyshev said that the ring was too large to come out the natural way, and as they did not want to kill the frog the doctor used a special hook to pull the ring out.

The ring was returned to Kristina, 26, and the couple plans to get married next month.