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Mother abandons husband and 12 kids to be with younger man

By Mason White 1:33 PM July 30, 2014
Tabitha and Colt Nimes (left) her family (right) 

By: Hydar Tomar
A woman is being criticized over her decision to leave her family for her toyboy.

Now, the mother claims that her decision was in the best interest of her kids.

39-year-old Tabitha Nimes, said that she needed a break from her husband of 19 years as their relationship fell apart, so she divorced her husband and left their kids with him.

She fled her home in Rhyl, North Wales, and married her lover, Colt Nimes, 32, in Southampton.

“I know everyone thinks I’m a terrible mother, but I left because Peter and I were arguing all the time. It was not good for the kids and it made them upset,” Mrs. Nimes said.

Her devastated former husband, 47-year-old Peter Saunders, said that her actions were despicable, and he was left to care for her 12 children.

The couple had 11 children, Rhiannon, 18, Ben, 16, Jack, 14, Josh, 13, Adam, 12, Blake, 10, Rhys, 9, Lillie, 7, Peter Jr., 6, Aston, 3, and Beth, 19 months old. She has a son Matthew, 22, from a previous relationship.

The mother explained that she did not want to go through a custody battle. She decided that she needed a clean break and thought it was best for the kids as well.

“I did it for them and for myself. I just hope they understand one day,” she said.

Mr. Saunders, who is reportedly unemployed and is a convicted drug dealer, allegedly learned of his wife’s extramarital affair after finding text messages from the other man on her phone.