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Man beats his wife because she ate fish belonging to his younger wife

By Mason White 1:07 PM July 31, 2014
Fish and chips illustration 

By: Anika Rao
A man became extremely angry when he learned that his wife ate the fish belonging to his younger wife, police in Nigeria said.

Ijanikin Police said that they arrested Kamorudeen Bankole on Thursday, after he allegedly beat his first wife Fatimah.

According to the police investigation, the fight erupted when Fatimah, who is the first of three wives, ate the portion of fish belonging the her husband’s youngest wife.

Fatima told investigators that every day, her husband is served the food first. When the husband is done with his meal, the children are fed. The wives eat the leftovers. If nothing remains, the women have to wait until the next meal.

On the day of the incident, after the youngest wife served the husband and children, Fatima went to the kitchen to serve herself fish.

Later, the husband became extremely angry after the youngest wife complained that Fatima has consumed too much fish. The suspect severely beat Fatima, and she was hospitalized as a result.

“He beat me up and hit me in the face with an object. The next thing I noticed was that my face was bleeding. I screamed for help, and our neighbors intervened and took me to the hospital,” Fatima said.

The husband however, denied the allegations, saying that Fatima is a troubled woman.