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Elephants become addicted to heroin after being fed by drug smugglers

By Mason White 1:11 PM July 31, 2014
Elephants illustration 

By: Aarav Sen
A group of elephants in China, became addicted to heroin after being fed the drug by smugglers.

Once the elephants are addicted to the substance, they are more likely to obey the orders of the gang members, who can use them to smuggle drugs in huge quantities on the border between China and Myanmar.

Four of the creatures have been rescued by Chinese conservationists, who used methadone to wean off the elephants from heroin.

The animals have been reintroduced to their natural habitat. The elephants became addicted to drugs after being fed bananas laced with heroin.

The animals were given methadone as a substitute for heroin, and rescuers have slowly reduced the amount through the course of a year.

The elephants that were carrying drugs were seized by the police. The elephants became uncontrollable once they were not fed heroin.