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Truck driver arrested for killing 83-year-old rabbi in front of supermarket

By Mason White 4:25 PM July 31, 2014
Scene of the incident 

By: Anika Rao
A truck driver was arrested on charges of vehicular homicide after allegedly killing an 83-year-old rabbi, police in Ohio said.

Cleveland Police said that Ubaldo Cesar of New Jersey, was arrested on Tuesday, after being accused of killing the rabbi.

As we reported earlier, police said that the 83-year-old rabbi died after the truck backed over him.

Yehuda Cohen of Cleveland Heights, was walking home from the Hebrew Academy where he studied the Bible twice a day, when he was hit, his son, Mair Cohen, said. The incident unfolded about 11:00 a.m. outside Unger’s Kosher Market on South Taylor Road.

Mair Cohen said that his father was an ordained rabbi. Yehuda Cohen majored in chemistry in college and earned a doctorate in education.

He was a school principal for years before teaching psychology for 15 years at Cuyahoga County Community College.