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London mayor puts Palestinian flag on top of Town Hall building angering local Jews

By Mason White 4:29 PM July 31, 2014
Palestinian flag on Tower Hamlets Town Hall 

By: Aarav Sen
The mayor of a London borough had the audacity to place a Palestinian flag on top of Town Hall, angering local Jews.

The mayor of Tower Hamlets, Lutfur Rahman, a Muslim, unleashed a storm of protest after the Palestinian flag raising at Town Hall in solidarity with Gaza.

This comes just 24 hours after it emerged that Rahman is facing trial over allegations of widespread electoral fraud he committed.

Jewish leaders condemned the move as “destructive” for community relations and local residents.

Rahman was expelled from the Labour Party after allegations emerged about his close ties to an Islamic extremist group called the Islamic Forum of Europe.

He is accused of using illegal tactics to win the mayoral election in Tower Hamlets, east London.

He tweeted a photo of the flag, with the message: “Palestinian flag flying at Town Hall in solidarity with #Gaza, and in support of a ceasefire and peace.”

The measure runs the risk of angering the Jewish community in the east section of London, and fueling divisions in the city for the wrong reasons.

Jonathan Arkush, senior vice president of the Board of Deputies of British Jews, said: “The mayor must remember that he is flying a flag in support of an organization that is seen throughout Europe and the world as terrorist. It’s totally inappropriate. It is also destructive of the relationship between the communities that make up our capital city.”