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Court grants parents’ request to evict their only son from their home

By Mason White 11:38 AM August 3, 2014
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By: Aarav Sen
A couple asked a judge to allow them to evict their son.

Their request was granted.

29-year-old Xu Qing of Beijing, China, has been taken to court by his parents because he refused to work. Since leaving university, he has been living an easy life and claiming that work was too boring.

He also moved his girlfriend into his room and demanded that his mother care for him. His mother agreed to cook and clean for him, as he is her only son.

His father found him a job, but Qing quit work after just three months, saying it was too boring.

He then began spending his days sleeping and surfing the Internet, and spent time with his girlfriend who is also unemployed.

When his parents had enough of his lazy ways, they gave him an ultimatum, saying that they would have to get a job or move out.

When he refused to work, they had no choice but to take him to court. They did and were successful. The court ruled that although Qing was their son, at the age of 29, they had no obligation to support him and that he may be asked to move.

For 60 days, Qing and his girlfriend refused to move out. His parents were forced to return to court seeking an eviction order to remove their son and his girlfriend from their property.