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Swat team called after 90-year-old woman points gun at construction workers

By Mason White 6:14 PM August 3, 2014
Gun illustration 

By: Devansh Dutt
(Scroll down for video) A great-grandmother caused chaos in her neighborhood when she decided to settle a dispute with a shotgun.

A swat team was called after 90-year-old Eleouise Adcock, became angry at construction workers and armed herself with a 12 gauge shotgun.

Officers in Channelview, Texas, responded to a 911 call from construction workers, who said that they were being threatened with a gun. Deputies said that Adcock was angry because workers were digging dirt around her home.

Mrs. Adcock has lived near the San Jacinto river for more than four decades, but in recent years, a marine towing company has moved to either side of her house.

They bought properties along the waterfront, and destroyed the homes they bought to make room for their equipment.

Adcock is refusing to sell her property because her husband built it for her. She became irritated by the repeated attempts of the company to buy her home.

The standoff with the 90-year-old woman and officers lasted about four hours, before she began to relax enough for the swat team to get to her.

A sergeant engaged in a conversation with the grandmother while the SWAT team deployed around her house and finally took the gun.

Because of her age, Adcock was placed on a stretcher and taken to a hospital where she will receive a psychological evaluation. No charges are expected against the gun toting grandma.