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Woman shocked to find Ikea bags stuffed with 80 human skulls in her church

By Mason White 12:57 PM August 4, 2014
Ikea bags illustration 

By: Anika Rao
A woman is traumatized after she found several Ikea bags stuffed with human skulls inside her church, police in Sweden said.

Now, the man who dug up the bones, said that it’s not as bad as it seems.

The church is Klackeberga used Ikea bags to hold the remains of about 80 people, who were once buried under the floor. The collection of big blue Ikea bags was found by Kicki Karlen.

“There were lots of skulls and bones inside the Ikea bags. I counted 80,” Karlen said.

“I was angry, very angry about the way that they were sitting there. I talked to some people in the parish, who said that the bones had been there since 2009,” she added.

The bags were covered by a tarp and have been sitting there since parts of the church were excavated and rebuilt to allow wheelchair access.

The bones are believed to be about 500 years old. The church said that it plans to bury the bones soon.