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Israeli Karate champion attacked by group of Iranians in Germany

By Mason White 3:24 PM August 4, 2014
Shai Hai 

By: Sanvi Rizvi
An Israeli Karate champion was attacked by a group of Iranians while giving a speech in Germany, Arutz Sheva 7 reported.

Trainer Shai Hai, was attacked in Frankfurt, during an international karate seminar.

Hai was the main speaker at the seminar, which was attended by about 90 people. He was the only Israeli speaker at the international event.

When he approached the podium, members of the Iranian delegation and about 15 locals began to shout at him. They called him a murderer, and said that he had Palestinian blood on his hands.

The protesters also claimed that he won his championship by beating the bodies of Palestinians. A woman tried to pour red paint on Hai.

When a man tried to physically attack Hai, he responded and sent the man flying across the room. The attackers were expelled from the event.

Hai said that this was the first time he has experienced anti-Semitism.