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Father beats newborn baby and uploads the photos to Facebook

By Mason White 2:13 PM August 4, 2014
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By: Sanvi Rizvi
A man was arrested after he uploaded photos to the Internet, showing his newborn baby with bruises.

The father of Aisne, France, allegedly told police that he beat the one-month-old baby at home because he could not stand the baby’s crying. He then shared pictures of the baby on Facebook “for fun,” according to police.

The baby has reportedly suffered brain damage as a result of the alleged attack. When questioned, the mother allegedly admitted to knowing that her newborn was being abused by her husband, but said that she did not report the assault because she feared that her husband would leave her.

Police charged both with violence against a minor.

Officers were alerted to the abuse by a friend of the couple, who claimed that the child looked “abnormal” in the photos uploaded to the social network.

The unemployed couple, who are in their 20s, were ordered to be held in custody until their next court hearing.