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Man shocked to find large crocodile in his shower (video)

By Mason White 3:08 PM August 5, 2014
Crocodile in shower 

By: Sanvi Rizvi
(Scroll down for video) A man freaked out after coming face to face with a large crocodile in his shower.

41-year-old Kalpesh Patel of Gujarat, India, said that at first, he did not even know if it was alive.

He stood at the door and stared at the crocodile. Suddenly, he saw the crocodile blink its eyes. He turned around and ran as fast as he could, closing the door behind him.

Patel said that when he told his wife and children not to go into the bathroom because there was a huge crocodile in there, they did not believe him.

Patel called the police, who arranged for forest officials to catch the crocodile. The police said that the crocodile was transported to a lake in a nearby village where it was wet free.