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Businessman wakes up without clothes in alley after woman promised him a good time

By Mason White 3:10 PM August 5, 2014
Ling Fu 

By: Hydar Tomar
A businessman covered himself with a box before going to a police station in Taiwan, after waking up without his clothes in an alley way.

51-year-old Ling Fu, said that his ordeal began when he decided to have a few drinks with friends.

As the night progressed, he fell into the arms of a young woman, who promised him a good time for a little money. Hours later, Fu woke up in the alley without his wallet, phone and clothes.

The businessman went to a nearby trash can, pulled out a small cardboard box to cover his private parts and went straight to the local police station.

He complained about the woman of Taichung, Taiwan, saying that she even had the audacity to steal his underwear.

Fu went into detail about how he met the woman outside the train station in Fengyuan City, and how he was offered the chance to spend some time in her company in exchange for what he described as a small fee.

A sympathetic taxi driver offered Fu a free ride to the nearest police station. The officers listened sympathetically to the story and he was reminded that prostitution is illegal in the country.

Fu quickly dropped his claim in order not to face prostitution charges.