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Pit bull seen giving baby a bath by licking him until he laughs uncontrollably (video)

By Mason White 3:13 PM August 5, 2014
Pit bull giving baby a bath 

By: Aarav Sen
(Scroll down for video) A pit bull decided to give a baby boy a bath by licking him, a video uploaded to the Internet showed.

Briana Figueras recorded her 3-year-old friendly pit bull Gemma, smothering her 10-month-old son Elliot.

Figueras said that the dog is crazy about the baby, so it is pretty typical for it to lick Elliot.

While the dog is often seen having fun with Elliott, it has also has its fair share of health problems, including severe swelling in the knee that makes walking painful.

Figueras gives Gemma medication in its most painful days, and the family is hoping that surgery will allow it to live undisturbed.

Meanwhile, Gemma’s staying busy keeping Elliott laughing and starring in its own Instagram account. “She is a great dog. She has lots of energy,” Figueras said. “You cannot put a price on that kind of company,” she added.

The video of the incident was uploaded to YouTube, and it quickly went viral on the Internet.