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Woman convinces rapist to come to her home for great sex so she can have him arrested

By Mason White 1:30 PM August 5, 2014
Couple in bed illustration 

By: Sanvi Rizvi
A woman persuaded a man to come to her home for “better sex” after he raped her in a field.

The clever woman hatched a plan to get revenge against her rapist and have him locked up. Her plan worked.

The 30-year-old rapist, who was identified as Mkhululi of Bulawayo, Zimbabwe, was arrested after his victim tricked him to accompany her to her house.

The 38-year-old victim tricked the rapist into believing that she had enjoyed the encounter so much that she wanted more. She persuaded Mkhululi, to come to her house where they could have more comfortable sex in her bed.

Mkhululi fell for it, and as they walked, the victim alerted members of the public and the rapist was apprehended.

A court heard that the victim was walking alone about 8:00 p.m., when she saw Mkhululi walking towards her. She quickened her pace, but he ran after her, grabbed her by the neck and dragged her to a field where he raped her.

“He tried to rape her a second time, but she suggested they go home,” said the prosecutor.

The court heard that as they approached the house of the woman, she saw a group of people and called for help. Mkhululi tried to flee, but was captured by members of the public and taken to the police station in Pumula.

Regional Magistrate Crispen James Mberewere, sentenced Mkhululi to 12 years in prison of which three years were suspended on condition that he does not commit a similar offense within five years.

Before sentencing, Mkhululi told the court that he was married and his wife was expecting their first child.