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Cruel man kills neighbor’s dog by hiding razor blades in meat and serving it to dogs

By Mason White 2:00 PM August 5, 2014
Razor blades in meat illustration 

By: Aarav Sen
(Scroll down for video) A family in Kentucky, is devastated over the horrific way their beloved dog died.

Now, their neighbor is facing animal cruelty charges.

Robert Hamme is accused of hiding razor blades in bacon and serving it to his neighbor’s dogs because he was annoyed with their barking.

The incident took place in the quiet suburban town called Elizabethtown, where Jim Stotts lived with his family and two dogs called Nibbles and Bolt.

Nibbles was a member of the Stotts family for the past 14 years. “Nibbles was a friendly dog and got along with other dogs in the neighborhood,” Stotts said.

One day, without explanation, Nibbles became ill and died three days later. There was a blockage near his stomach.

After the death of the dog, Stotts found his dog named Bolt chewing on a piece of meat that contained razor blades, but luckily Bolt was not injured.