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Hasidic rabbi of Israel beaten in an anti-Semitic attack while shopping at mall in Australia

By Mason White 4:03 PM August 6, 2014
The rabbi and his assistant 

By: Aarav Sen
A Hasidic rabbi of Israel, was attacked by a group of anti-Semites while shopping at a mall in Australia, police said.

The incident unfolded on Monday afternoon, at the Morley Galleria.

The Stropkover rabbi, Avraham Shalom Yissachar Dov Lifshitz-Halberstam, who is vacationing in Perth, and his 21-year-old assistant was attacked a group of six teenagers. Danny Mayer said that he rushed to the aid of the rabbi and his assistant when he noticed them being attacked.

“They yelled f*** off, and you murder babies in Gaza.” Mayer said. “It is very alarming. Obviously, this is not something you would expect in a suburban shopping center,” he added.

Mayer said that he reported the incident to the police and the management of the shopping center. A spokesperson for the shopping center said that security was aware of the incident, but could not locate the suspects.