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Men forcefully circumcised after their wives complain about their poor performance in bed

By Mason White 1:00 PM August 6, 2014
Couple in bed illustration 

By: Hydar Tomar
(Scroll down for video) Men were ambushed and circumcised after their wives complained about the lack of pleasure from their uncircumcised privates parts.

A dozen men were captured, stripped and were forced to undergo circumcision in Kenya.

The 12 men, who are from different communities such as Luo, Turkana, Iteso and Luhyia, were kidnapped by a group of men and circumcised as part of a ceremony after their wives revealed that they were not circumcised.

Even though it was done against the will of the men, their wives were happy with the procedure because they believe it makes the men cleaner and help them perform better during sex.

The 12 men were given money by strangers so they can look for medical treatment to heal faster.

About 50 men have now reportedly asked police for help to protect them from the forced circumcision procedure.