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Woman allows store clerk to take photo of her with stolen credit card

By Mason White 11:32 AM August 6, 2014
The suspect posing with the stolen card 

By: Aarav Sen
A Florida woman was seen posing for a photo with a stolen credit card.

Now, police have released the photo in hopes of catching the brazen thief.

A woman was about to pay for goods, but when she presented the credit card without being able to present an ID, the store clerk became suspicious.

According to police, when the suspect tried to pay for more than $400 worth of items at a beauty shop in Ocala, the 21-year-old store employee, asked for a valid state identification.

The customer explained that she did not have government ID, but provided a picture of herself with the name that was seen on the credit card.

However, the worker at the beauty supply store was not comfortable with the transaction and asked the customer to allow her to take a photo of her holding the card, according to the Ocala Police Department.

When the woman agreed to have her picture taken with the credit card, the store clerk finalized the purchase and charged the card.

Two sales totaling more than $430 were processed at the beauty shop. The credit card was stolen last month from a 74-year-old woman while shopping at Walmart.

The victim contacted police after noticing fraudulent transactions on her credit card account.

Police have asked the public’s help to identify the suspect from the photo.