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Couple reunites 70 years after his family forced them to break up

By Mason White 1:12 PM August 6, 2014
The couple reuniting 

By: Devansh Dutt
(Scroll down for video) A man was overjoyed when he reunited with his first love.

90-year-old Pan Zhishan of China, is a happy man after he reunited with the love of his life.

Zhishan was a young soldier when he fell in love and married Zhang Suiyu. However, they were torn apart amid the chaos of war 70 years ago.

Back home, Zhishan’s parents forced him to marry another woman, whom they had chosen for him. However, he never gave up hope that he would see his first love once again.

Now, seven decades later, with the help of social media, the couple was reunited. 88-year-old Zhang Suiyu, was also ecstatic to reunite with her first husband.

Zhishan married his second wife and had three children, “but I never forgot my first love,” he said.

Some years later, Suiyu sent him a photo of herself and their son. Zhishan said that he was shocked as he did not know Suiyu was pregnant when he left.

“I always kept the photos with me wherever I went,” he said.

Zhishan finally decided that he has to reunite with his first love and meet their son. He left his family and went to look for his wife.

“Her village was gone, and all the people had left years ago. It was one frustrating trip after another, and I thought I was too late,” he said.

However, last weekend, his lifelong dream came true as the couple reunited after an Internet campaign to help the man.

“I cannot believe we’re together again,” Zhishan said. “Now I have everything I ever wanted in life. The last wish of my life is fulfilled.”