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Hamas admits it has executed numerous Palestinians including its own spokesperson by firing squad without a trial

By Mason White 12:02 PM August 8, 2014
Firing automatic weapon illustration 

By: Anika Rao
The Hamas terrorist organization admitted on Thursday, that it has executed numerous Palestinians without a trial.

Hamas said that the Palestinians it has executed by a firing squad were acting as spies for Israel.

Hamas executed its own former public relations spokesman, Ayman Taha. The execution took place on Monday. Taha was arrested over allegations that he was spying for an unspecified Arab country.

He was also accused by Hamas of corrupt financial practices. About 30 Palestinians were executed after being accused of collaborating with Israel.

The suspects were killed without a trial. Hamas warned that it will continue to kill Palestinians who help Israel, without a trial.

“The resistance will not have mercy on anyone who provides information to the enemy. Death on the field is what you get,” a Hamas spokesperson said.

“The men were executed after being caught red handed providing information on the whereabouts of the resistance and deactivating the ambushes prepared against the enemy,” another Hamas official said.