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Father of two children killed by police inside Walmart while playing with toy gun

By Mason White 11:20 AM August 8, 2014
John Crawford 

By: Anika Rao
(Scroll down for video) A man was killed by police officers while he shopped with his girlfriend.

An ordinary trip to Walmart, turned deadly for the man after picking up a toy gun, his family members said.

22-year-old John Crawford, was shot dead at the Walmart store in Beavercreek, Ohio, amid reports that he was brandishing a rifle at customers, including children.

However, after Crawford was shot dead it was discovered that the gun was a toy. Crawford was at Walmart with his girlfriend, and was on the phone with the mother of his two children at the time of the shooting.

LeeCee Johnson, the mother of Crawford’s two children – 1-year-old John Crawford IV, and 4-month-old Jayden Crawford – said that she was talking to him on the phone when the police came to the scene.

“We were talking and the next thing I know, he said ‘its not real.’” She then heard officers ordering him to get down and shooting him.

“I heard crying and screaming. They shot him as if he was not even human,” she added.

Beavercreek Police and the Attorney General, have yet to respond to the claim, but stressed that the officers at the scene acted appropriately.

Tasha Thomas, who claims that she was the girlfriend of Mr. Crawford, said that he was not armed when they entered the store and she was in another aisle when the incident occurred.