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Man’s privates cut off by landlord’s sons after refusing to move out of apartment immediately

By Mason White 7:34 AM August 1, 2014
Ambulance illustration 

By: Devansh Dutt
A dispute with a landlord landed a man in the hospital.

Yinka Offehin, 35, of Nigeria, is fighting for his life in a private hospital in Lagos State, after his privates were cut off by the children of his landlord.

He was attacked while sleeping in his room with his wife Bisi, who identified the assailants as Solomon and Damilola, the children of the homeowner.

The incident began on Thursday morning around 3:00 a.m., while they were sleeping. They heard a loud banging on their door. They initially thought that they were being robbed because the house next door had recently been broken into.

“When they entered, we saw that they were the sons of our landlord. They began to destroy our electronics and other items,” Bisi said.

During the commotion, the sons cut her husband’s privates. Although he was in pain, the victim was able to hold one of the attackers down until police arrived. The second attacker fled the scene.

Bisi said her husband could not be admitted to a general hospital due to a strike in progress, but was eventually taken to a private hospital in the area.

The attack came after a misunderstanding with the landlord.

The couple was asked to leave the house immediately, but after the intervention of a community leader, they were given until the end of the month.

However, that decision did not sit well with the children of the homeowner, who chose to attack the tenants.