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Teen refuses to swim in family’s new pool after watching parents have sex in pool several times

By Mason White 7:39 AM August 1, 2014
The Reddit post 

By: Sanvi Rizvi
A teenage boy was freaked out when he saw his parents getting it on in their new swimming pool.

Now the mortified teen took to the Internet, to look for advice after his parents installed the new attraction in the family home.

The teen turned to Reddit, to get the advice from others on how to handle the situation.

He wrote: “So my parents just built an in-ground pool and they won’t stop having sex in it. I don’t really care that much because they do it when I’m gone or at night, but they keep trying to get me to swim in the new pool and they’re getting more and more p***** off with me because I won’t swim in it. How do I tell them that I don’t want to go in the pool without having to awkwardly talk about how I know what they’re doing in the pool all the time?” He asked.

The teen did not get the desired response and instead of being sympathetic to his cause, readers began mocking him.

One person responded by saying: “The pool has a filter and a ton of chlorine I’m sure. Have you ever been to a public pool? The water has touched an absurd amount of a**. Still swimmable.”

Another joked and said: “Just talk to them about it. Yeah, it will be awkward, but hey, that’s part of growing up, or let them know you masturbate into the pool.”

Yet another person said: “You know if they are adventurous they probably have had sex in the kitchen as well, and in your room.”