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Diner apologizes to KFC restaurant owner for taking home extra piece of chicken

By Mason White 1:37 PM August 10, 2014
Apology letter for taking extra piece of KFC chicken 

By: Sanvi Rizvi
A chicken thief regretted taking an extra piece from KFC, and decided to compensate the restaurant in Nebraska.

The diner felt guilty and sent the restaurant owner a handwritten apology and $2.

Rocky Rasmussen, the owner of the North Platte KFC, received the unsigned letter in the mail. “This $2 is for the piece of chicken I took home with me on Tuesday,” the letter states.

“That’s stealing. Sorry!” The chicken thief apparently took the extra piece from the buffet table.

“I placed on my plate more pieces of chicken that I could eat and I knew it was going to be thrown away. Since I could not put it back on the buffet, I put it in my bag and took it home,” the letter continues. “I love the chicken!” The letter concludes.

Taking food home from the buffet table is prohibited, but it does happen. This is the first time that anyone has acknowledged, much less apologized for taking extra food.