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6-year-old boy uses father’s credit card to order pizza and signs Dad on signature line

By Mason White 1:25 PM August 10, 2014
The receipt 

By: Devansh Dutt
A 6-year-old boy melted the hearts of restaurant workers when he came to pick up his pizza order.

A cashier at Domino’s Pizza in Temple, Texas, said that the boy came to the restaurant with his father and asked him to pick up an order for “Thomas Jefferson.”

When he was handed the order and asked for money, the child, who seemed very confident, swipe his father’s credit card. When he was handed the receipt, the boy looked at his father, and when he got permission to sign the receipt, he wrote: “DaD.”

“Then he took his pizza and said: ‘have a nice day ma’am,’ and left,” Cowart said.

Domino’s Pizza worker Jewel Cowart, said that the boy ordered pizza under the names of different presidents.

Cowart said that the day before the incident the boy ordered under the name “Abraham Lincoln.” This time, his adorable signature melted her heart and she posted a picture of the receipt on Reddit, which has attracted hundreds of comments.

“I did it with my kids. It is a great way to teach them some life skills,” wrote one person.