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Woman jailed after persuading strange man to forcefully sleep with her coworker

By Mason White 11:30 AM August 11, 2014
FEMEN activist protesting rape 

By: Hydar Tomar
A woman was arrested, charged and convicted after persuading a strange man to attack her coworker, prosecutors in the United Kingdom said.

30-year-old Joanne Berry of London, used Internet chat rooms to try to get strangers to rape her former coworker.

Now, a court sentenced her to six years in jail. Berry of Grove Park, said that she liked the role play and invited men to act out violent rape scenarios with her.

However, rather than giving her own address she gave the men her coworker’s address. The court was told that Berry sought revenge after holding the victim responsible for losing her job.

Police said that a man tried to break into the house of the victim, but aborted the plan when he realized that he was played.

Berry was convicted of putting a person in fear of violence, assault with intent to commit a sexual offense, common assault and trying to force a person into sexual activity without consent.

The victim told the court that she is still suffering panic attacks as a result of the incident. She fears that strange men may force their way into her home to rape her.