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Newborn pig seen running around with 8 legs (video)

By Mason White 10:47 AM August 12, 2014
Pig with eight legs 

By: Hydar Tomar
(Scroll down for video) A pig with many legs was born to a farmer in China, a video uploaded to the Internet showed.

Nanchuan, Chongqing, is home to the eight-legged young pig that has enchanted the entire community.

The video of the pig running around on its legs was uploaded to YouTube, and has since gone viral on the Internet. The pig was born earlier this month, the third of a litter of eight.

The wife of farmer Tang Yongxiu, initially thought that the pig had six legs, but when Yongxiu cleaned the pig, he noticed eight legs, with the extra four legs emerging from the abdominal area.

Yongxiu he has never seen anything like this in the 20 years he has been raising cattle. Experts said that pigs with eight legs are extremely rare.

They believe that the deformity is a result of inbreeding or genetic mutation. The pig’s owner said that the animal is getting along very well with the rest of the pigs despite the extra limbs.