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15-year-old boy drowns in manure pit after his tractor flipped over

By Mason White 11:27 AM August 12, 2014
Pit illustration 

By: Anika Rao
A teen boy is dead after his tractor flipped over and into a manure pit, rescue workers in Pennsylvania said.

15-year-old Jonas King of Leacock Township, drowned in the manure pit located on his family’s farm on Saturday.

According to the police investigation, King was operating the tractor when he flipped into the pit. He became trapped under the heavy machinery.

He was strapped into the loader and therefore was unable to escape.

King was completely submerged in the pit located at 239 Centerville Road, when emergency personnel arrived shortly before 11:00 a.m.

It took rescuers more than an hour to recover his body. King was pronounced dead at the scene. He was killed by asphyxiation, the coroner said.