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Man arrested after woman caught him having sex with her driveway

By Mason White 11:31 AM August 12, 2014
David Micheal Gray insert 

By: Sanvi Rizvi
A woman was creeped out when she saw a man having sex with her driveway.

According to police in Texas, the woman entered the driveway of her home in Harris County, when she was approached by the man.

David Michael Gray asked the woman for a cigarette lighter. She explained that she did not have one and Gray walked away.

The woman entered her home. A few minutes later, when she looked out of her window, she saw that Gray, 41, had returned to her property. To her horror, she witnessed Gray “thrusting and humping” her driveway.

Police were called and Gray was charged with public lewdness. His bail was set for $3,500.