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British woman takes young daughter to meet murderer in U.S. prison

By Mason White 11:07 AM August 12, 2014
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By: Anika Rao
A mother is defending herself from criticism after she took her daughter to meet a murderer at a U.S. prison.

43-year-old Julie Paris of Mancot, Wales, said that she has about 75 prison pen pals, and she has been writing letters to them for over 13 years.

She also allows her children, including her eight-year-old daughter Molly, to be pen pals with convicted murderers.

Paris is even taking her daughter to the United States, to meet with one of their prison “friends.” The mother explained her decision, and insisted that her children “enjoy” to write letters to the criminals, and she believes that it teaches them about forgiveness.

Paris added that she and her family write to the prisoners to give them hope.

She also explained that she was in foster care when she was young and she would have been grateful for letters.

“A lot of prisoners committed the crimes when they were young and their families have disowned them,” she said.
Paris insisted that she trusts the pen pals despite their previous crimes, but she has kept most of the crimes they have committed secret from her daughters.

One of her pen pals is a man who murdered his own mother and father. However, she added that she would never allow her children to write to sex offenders.