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Woman arrested after using cellmate’s debit card to bond out of jail

By Mason White 1:37 PM August 13, 2014
Crystal Dawn Stephens 

By: Aarav Sen
A woman’s petty theft charge turned into a serious identity fraud case.

The woman of Naples, Florida, was arrested again on charges that she stole the debit card of her cellmate in prison and spent more than $1,700 on the card.

25-year-old Crystal Dawn Stephens, used the card to purchase items in the prison commissary, to make phone calls in jail and to bond herself out of jail.

She also allowed a friend to pay for an airline ticket on the card. Stephens was charged with grand theft, fraud, illegal use of credit cards and fraud by impersonating another or using another’s identification.

She was originally in the county jail on a charge of theft involving shoplifting.

The 37-year-old victim, who was serving time for leaving the scene of an accident, discovered that her card was used when she received her bank statement.

When she called her bank, she was informed that her debit card was used for Liberty Bail Bonds.

She contacted Liberty Bail Bonds and learned that her cellmate, Stephens, used her card to pay for bond.

The victim explained that she had a piece of paper with her card number in the drawer next to the jail bunk bed.

When detectives spoke with Stephens, she allegedly admitted to the charges.

If convicted of the latest charges, she faces up to 15 years in prison for fraud using someone else’s identification.