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‘Dutch Wives’ allow men to design their own sex dolls to look and feel like the sexy women of their dreams

By Mason White 12:46 PM August 14, 2014
Sex doll illustration 

By: Sanvi Rizvi
(Scroll down for video) Men can now choose the look and breast size of their “girlfriends.”

The sex doll industry has reached a new level with the realistic feeling “skin” and real looking “eyes.”

The dolls, which are nicknamed “Dutch Wives,” are apparently so realistic that the Japanese media is convinced that if you buy one, you will never need a human lover in bed.

Early sales indicate that customers love this new real looking doll as the dolls – which sell for around $1,700 – have been flying off the shelves.

Japanese vendors have experienced an increase in sales since the new sexy looking dolls went on sale. One can choose the breast size and color hair.

The latest models of sex dolls feature movable joints so that it can be placed in any position that the buyer prefers.

Company spokesman Osami Seto, said that they have focused on improving the dolls’ “skin” so that they feel more real when being touched.

They also made the eyes look more human, so at first glance they may look like a real person.

The dolls also come with a selection of sexy clothing so that they can be changed often for the ultimate pleasure.