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34-year-old woman falls into coma after taking selfie with poisonous snake

By Mason White 10:58 AM August 14, 2014
Woman with snake illustration 

By: Devansh Dutt
A woman was hospitalized after taking a selfie with a poisonous snake, rescue workers in Russia said.

The young woman fell into a coma after being bitten by the snake while taking the selfie.

Police said that the man who persuaded the woman to take the selfie with the snake, was arrested. 34-year-old Oliver Matveyev, had been offering people to take photos with the snake for years.

However, they said that recently he began offering selfies to keep up with the trend. He was arrested after his snake bit the young woman.

When questioned, Matveyev told police that he doesn’t know what got into the snake as it never bit anyone before. He did not possess any venom antidote and the woman fell into a coma.

Matveyev did not have a license for the animal. Prosecutors said that if the woman died, Matveyev could be charged with murder.