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Thief caught after being stung when he urinated in wasp nest while hiding from police

By Mason White 11:03 AM August 14, 2014
Wasps illustration 

By: Sanvi Rizvi
A thief almost got away with a crime until he decided to relieve himself in a bush.

29-year-old Jamie Brown, was forced to come out of his hiding place after accidentally disturbing wasps in the nest.

Brown urinated in the bush, which was home to many wasps. As soon as he urinated on the nest the wasps attacked him.

Brown was captured by police, who saw him crying out in pain. He was taken for medical treatment before being arrested.

The Leeds Magistrate’s Court heard that Brown was hiding after he was wanted for stealing a fish tank, which is worth about $300. He got away before police arrived, but was apprehended after he was bitten by the wasps.

The court heard that Brown has a number of previous convictions for theft. Brown pleaded guilty to one count of theft, which means he violated a suspended sentence for a previous robbery.