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Inmate faces additional 24 years in prison for claiming to have found hair in jail food

By Mason White 6:59 AM August 15, 2014
Prison food illustration 

By: Anika Rao
A man was shocked when he was taken to court and charged with a crime for reporting a hair he found in jail food.

The man said that he would have gone hungry if he knew the consequences of his actions rather than face a longer jail sentence.

37-year-old Ray Wolfe of Colorado, filed a complaint after he found a hair in the beef stroganoff, which was served in the Summit County Jail, prompting a full investigation by the Summit County Sheriff’s Office.

During the investigation, authorities found surveillance video that appears to show Wolfe tampering with his tray.

The video shows him at the water fountain with his tray for about eight seconds. The reflection in the windows, shows Wolfe making small movements with his arms and hands.

Investigators believe that with these movements, Wolfe placed a hair on the top of the food on his tray.

Wolfe was taken to the Park County jail and charged with three felonies, including tampering with physical evidence and false reporting.

If found guilty, Wolfe faces additional 24 years in prison.