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Palestinian Authority claims U.S. established ISIS terror group to take over the Middle East

By Mason White 3:02 PM August 17, 2014
ISIS in Iraq 

By: Aryeh Savir
The Palestinian Authority is blaming the United States, for sending the terror group ISIS to the Middle East, in order to destroy Muslims, the Tazpit News Agency reported.

The Palestinian Authority official daily newspaper, Al-Hayat Al-Jadida, has published five articles in the last six weeks, accusing the United States of establishing the radical Islamic movement Islamic State (ISIS or IS) that has conquered vast territory in Syria and Iraq in recent months.

The articles were translated into English by the Palestinian Media Watch (PMW).

The articles claim that the U.S. has a long term goal of controlling all the Arab-Muslim states by dividing them through conflict and wars. ISIS’ wars and other conflicts are all said to be the work of the U.S.

Al-Hayat Al-Jadida wrote on July 16th: “The wars in Libya, Iraq, Syria, and Palestine, were planned by the U.S., in order to protect its interests. The ISIS, Islamic Front, and Al-Nusra Front (i.e., all radical Islamists) are Muslims from various countries the U.S. is using to fight in Iraq and Syria, in order to fragment the unity of these two Arab countries. We are now more aware that the Americans, who want to fight for their own interests using Islamic, Jewish and Christian believers, are truly the head of the snake.”

On July 14th, the newspaper wrote: “ISIS, the perpetrators of atrocities and the groups that hoist the banner of religion, seems to be raising their weapons in sync with Washington, and fight the U.S. verbally, but in practice are killing their enemies. Is this a coincidence, or was it planned ahead of time?”

On July 3rd, the paper stated: “The radical terrorists of ISIS and those like them, were created by Israel and the U.S. They are paving the way for Israel to act like them.”

As Palestinian Media Watch reported in June, the current editor in chief of the official PA daily Al-Hayat Al-Jadida, was appointed by presidential decree of Mahmoud Abbas.

ISIS has declared itself a Caliphate, thereby claiming religious authority over all Muslims. Its goal is to bring much of the Middle East, including Jordan, Israel, the Palestinian Authority, Lebanon, Kuwait, and Cyprus under its control.

To this end, ISIS has used extreme terror tactics, including decapitations, crucifixions and mass murders. Their latest religious campaign is against the Yazidi Kurds in northern Iraq. They have reportedly slaughtered 400 Yazidis in Iraq, and 700 members of a tribe in Syria over the weekend. The majority of them were civilians.