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Man smears chemicals on sister’s head leaving her bold after refusing to marry his friend

By Mason White 10:46 AM August 18, 2014
Danna Kumar 

By: Anika Rao
A man wanted to make some quick money by selling his sister into marriage.

However, he became angry when she refused to marry his friend, and he decided to teach her a lesson.

23-year-old Santosh Kumar of India, promised his friend that he would be able to marry his 27-year-old sister Danna, in exchange for money.

He became furious when she refused.

Danna refused to marry the 47-year-old widowed man who works as a taxi driver. She got a job at a bar in Kaval Byrasandra, a district in the city of Bangalore.

Kumar waited for his sister to come out of the bar and then attacked her. He poured hair removal cream on her head and rubbed it in before running away.

When she woke up the next day, Danna realized that the hair from the center of her head fell out.

“He told me I should not be working and that I should marry his widowed friend, a man who already has two children,” Danna said.

She filed a police report, and told police that her brother had been working as a waiter in Mumbai, but had returned home and had not held down a good job since then. She said that instead, he was looking to make easy money.

Police arrested Santosh Kumar, and were awaiting the results of medical tests to find out the composition of the chemical used to make the sister’s hair fall out.

Investigators are trying to determine the extent of the hair damage before filing charges.