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University professor resigns after neighbors witness his reaction when finding wife in bed with his student

By Mason White 10:52 AM August 18, 2014
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By: Sanvi Rizvi
(Scroll down for video) A professor was left red-faced after he walked into his home to find his wife sleeping with his student.

Now, the professor has resigned after his wife’s cheating made international headlines.

According to a student, Hasina Anjaramandresy told his students that he will not be teaching at the school next semester due to a number of reasons beyond his control.

“We heard that the university authorities asked him to resign in order to help protect the image of the university,” the student said.

“The problem is that the authorities went for weeks without dealing with this problem. Therefore, when it came out in the media, they had no choice but to act on it in a more diplomatic way,” the student added.

Deputy Vice Chancellor of the university in charge of student affairs, Pastor Christopher Thebe, however, said that Anjaramandresy was not forced to resign, but voluntarily did so to protect his image and that of his family.

He also said that his wife’s cheating brought the professor much emotional distress, and that he could not face his students.

As we reported earlier, a couple of Madagascar, was hired to work as foreign workers at the University in Zimbabwe. Hasina Anjaramandresy, who is known at the university as Mr. Anjara, was hired as guest lecturer in the Seventh Day Adventist-run Solusi.

He was asked to teach computers, while Mrs. Anjara was hired to teach sex education. One afternoon, Mr. Anjara decided to go home early.

When he walked into his bedroom he found his wife engaging in sexual acts with his young student.

Mr. Anjara reacted as any husband would, expressing his displeasure by screaming loudly, attracting the attention of his neighbors, who looked into the window of the bedroom and witnessed the illicit act.