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Group of large rats seen invading children’s park

By Mason White 10:52 AM August 19, 2014
Rat illustration 

By: Devansh Dutt
Children freaked out after a group of large rats invaded their play area at a park.

More than 20 rats were seen running around at the park located on ​​Stockport Road and Slade Lane in Longsight, United Kingdom.

Concerned parents fear that their children might contract diseases.

One woman, a mother of three children, complained to her local council about the infestation, and rat poison has been placed in the area.

Now, residents are finding dead rats laying around on the ground.

A woman, who regularly visits her mother in Longsight, said that she counted 25 rats running around the park last week, and took pictures of several dead rats after complaining to the council.

The Manchester City Council confirmed that they have received complaints about the rat infestation and are trying to address the problem.

Experts believe that the rats are attracted to the area by food that people have been putting out to feed birds.