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Woman horrified after finding strange naked woman sleeping in her bed

By Mason White 12:52 PM August 21, 2014
Woman sleeping in bed illustration 

By: Devansh Dutt
A woman nearly jumped out of her own skin after she saw a strange woman sleeping naked in her bed, police in Germany said.

The retired woman of Baden-Baden, called police after seeing the 57-year-old female intruder sleeping in her bed.

According to the police investigation, the drunk suspect wandered into the house after deciding that it was time to sleep off the alcohol.

She even left the door open to allow fresh air into the house. Once inside the home, she undressed, took a shower, dried herself and laid down on the bed to sleep.

The resident of the house was home the entire time and was in a state of shock, unsure how to react to the uninvited guest, police said.

Only after the woman had gone to sleep did she call a neighbor to come over and help her out. Officers at the scene woke up the sleeping stranger and took her to the police station after giving her time to get dressed.

During questioning, the suspect told officers that she thought it was her friend’s house.