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Mother feeds her teen daughter worms to make her lose weight for upcoming beauty contest (video)

By Mason White 8:11 AM August 22, 2014
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By: Sanvi Rizvi
(Scroll down for video) A woman of Florida, might face charges after she admitted to feeding her teen daughter worms in order to cause weight loss.

The incident began when a nurse saw the teen who arrived with a bulging belly at the hospital.

At first, she and her fellow staff members thought the girl might be pregnant, but an ultrasound showed no signs of a baby. However, they did see something inside her intestines.

At some point, the patient went to the bathroom and started screaming. When one of the nurses entered she saw that the toilet bowl was full of worms.

The nurse told the patient that she will soon feel better as the worms have left her body. The nurses questioned the girl, who was accompanied by her mother, about the worms.

That is when the mother apologized to the girl. She told everyone that she just wanted her daughter to lose weight before the upcoming beauty contest.