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Man freaks out after finding cooked bug on his KFC chicken

By Mason White 8:24 AM August 22, 2014
Fly in KFC chicken 

By: Aarav Sen
A man of the United Kingdom, freaked out when he found a cooked bug on his KFC chicken.

26-year-old Hardip Singh of East Ham, was eating his lunch at his local KFC branch with his partner when he made the sickening discovery.

Singh said that he was just seconds away from eating the insect. Its body and legs was seen protruding from the breadcrumbs.

After complaining, he was offered an apology and was told that it was not a normal fly. Hardip was horrified by the response and he promised never to return.

The KFC branch manager said that the store is in constant contact with pest control, and the fly could have attached to the chicken while the customer walked from the counter to the table.

The KFC branch is rated 5 out of five stars.