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Man kills himself by jumping in front of train driven by girlfriend after their break-up

By Mason White 7:03 AM August 22, 2014
Diane MacDonald and Gary Wells 

By: Sanvi Rizvi
An 8 year relationship ended in tragedy after a man caused his girlfriend to take his life.

36-year-old Gary Wells, killed himself by standing in front of a train driven by his former girlfriend.

Train conductor Diane MacDonald, broke up with Wells just three weeks ago.

MacDonald, 29, was unable to avoid the collision after he jumped onto the tracks in front of the train while it was moving on one of the scenic railway routes in Britain.

Wells died instantly after being hit by the train. Miss MacDonald, who is reportedly the first woman to drive on the West Highland Line in Scotland, was so distraught over the accident that she requires sedation.

According to a friend Wells, he had been in a long term relationship with MacDonald, and he was very distressed since their relationship ended about three weeks ago.

Wells was struggling to cope with the break-up from the woman he considered the love of his life.

The friend also said that Wells was a devoted father, who spent his weekends with his son Lewis, he had from a previous relationship.

“He and Diane were like two peas in a pod. They were together for eight or nine years and split a few weeks ago. I cannot believe he did this,” the friend said.

Wells was pronounced dead at the scene. British Transport Police confirmed that they are investigating the incident.