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Judge evicts man from his apartment for loud love making sessions

By Mason White 9:58 AM August 24, 2014
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By: Aarav Sen
A man was evicted from his apartment after the homeowner complained that his loud love making sessions were disturbing the neighbors, according to court records in Germany.

A judge said that the female homeowner had the right to evict the man for persistently using a creaky swing in the apartment late at night.

The court in Munich heard on Friday, that the unidentified man installed the old swing in his apartment and regularly disturbed his neighbors with sex, sports and squeaky noises until late at night, causing many complaints.

The woman told the court that the lease included a quiet clause, promising to keep quiet between 10:00 p.m. and 7:00 a.m.

In upholding the decision to evict, the court focused on the use of the swings, saying its use at night no longer corresponds to normal rental activities, and must therefore not be tolerated.