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Iowa mother arrested after allowing man to impregnate her 11-year-old daughter

By Mason White 1:58 PM August 24, 2014
Jacob White 

By: Sanvi Rizvi
(Scroll down for video) A mother was arrested after she allowed a man to sleep with her young daughter until he got her pregnant.

Now, the mother and the 24-year-old man were arrested.

37-year-old Tina D. of Iowa, was charged with endangering children after her 11-year-old daughter became pregnant by the family friend.

Tina was charged in Newton, after an investigation in which police determined that the woman allowed 24-year-old Jacob White, to sleep in the same bed as her young daughter.

Over a two month period, the man slept with the girl. He sexually assaulted her and she became pregnant.

Multiple witnesses said that they had discussed the matter with the girl’s mother, but she refused to take action, according to a police report.

A family member, who witnessed sexual activity between the child and the grown man, called police.

White was also arrested and charged with third-degree sexual abuse, according to police records.