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Scorned woman sleeps with married men only after husband dumps her for another woman

By Mason White 2:42 PM August 25, 2014
Janet Saunders 

By: Devansh Dutt
A woman decided to sleep with married men after her husband dumped her for another woman.

50-year-old Janet Saunders of Oxfordshire, England, may seem like a typical middle-aged woman, but she lives a secret life.

Saunders is a single mother-of-two and a confessed sexual predator, which refers to seeking out men who are already committed to other women.

Saunders said that she has already been in a relationship and slept with 13 different men. Her affairs began after her own husband walked out on her.

Saunders admits that she enjoys “adventurous” lovemaking, which is probably beyond the limits in their own bedrooms.

Saunders meets these sexual partners through an Internet dating site called Illicit Encounters, which specializes in helping people in committed relationships have affairs.

Saunders said that she met her husband when she was just 19 years old. Soon after they got married, and had a daughter and a son. There lives seemed to be perfect, they had a nice house, nice cars and went on nice vacations.

However, after 27 years of marriage her advertising executive husband announced that he is leaving her for a woman he met online.

After her husband left, she lost her self-esteem, and found it hard to believe that any man would be interested in her.

Until one day, she saw an advertisement for the dating website and she was surprised when her email quickly filled with requests for men wanting to meet her.

It made her feel special and she chose to continue on the path of helping married men and men who are in committed relationships stray and cheat.