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Woman seeks to evict daughter for stealing her man and giving birth to his baby

By Mason White 12:05 PM August 26, 2014
The mother and daughter 

By: Aarav Sen
A woman and her daughter became sworn enemies despite living in the same house.

The mother said that her daughter stole her man, slept with him and gave birth to his baby.

The daughter however, refused to say if her stepfather was indeed the father of her baby.

67-year-old Nthabiseng Hlao of Ekurhuleni, South Africa, said that her daughter stole her husband while staying with the couple.

Since her husband Velaphi Tshabalala passed away, things got even more bizarre. Nthabiseng claims that her daughter, 48-year-old Puseletso Hlao, is trying to throw her out of her own house.

“I forgave her for taking away my husband from me, but I will not let her take my house,” said Nthabiseng.

Velaphi was 71 years old when he died. Nthabiseng said that she and her daughter share the same house, but they cook separately and hardly spend time together.

Nthabiseng said that before she discovered the affair her daughter already hated her, but she could not understand why.

“It would have been better if my husband had cheated with another woman. Can you imagine the pain I went through?” She said.

Nthabiseng said that the daughter she gave birth to, became her worst enemy.

Neighbors got involved in the family dispute, and said that they are ready to take action against the daughter. “We will not allow the daughter to do what she wants,” one neighbor said.

“How can you sleep with your stepfather and brag about it?” Another neighbor said.

“My mother got what she deserved as she refused to have sex with my dad,” the 48-year-old woman said.

Captain Godfrey Maditsi of the Thokoza Police Station, said that Nthabiseng can file for an order of protection against her daughter.