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Dead man wakes up inside body bag at hospital morgue

By Mason White 12:34 PM August 27, 2014
Valdelucio de Oliveira Goncalves with his brother 

By: Anika Rao
A man who was declared dead by doctors, surprised his family members by waking up, doctors in Brazil said.

54-year-old Valdelucio de Oliveira Goncalves of Salvador, was declared dead after suffering organ and respiratory failure.

Goncalves was taken to the hospital morgue.

However, when his brother arrived just two hours later, so he can dress up the body for the funeral, he noticed that the plastic body bag was moving.

The man’s sister said that the plastic bag was moving up and down in tandem with his breathing. Goncalves, who suffers from cancer, was transferred to another hospital for further treatment.

The Health Department has opened an investigation. Officials will seek answers as to why doctors prematurely declared the man dead.