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Female teacher sentenced to only three days jail for raping two boys

By Mason White 2:21 PM August 27, 2014
Jessica Hachat 

By: Devansh Dutt
(Scroll down for video) People are outraged after a teacher was sentenced to only three days jail for raping boys.

The 30-year-old female teacher of Ohio, pleaded guilty to two counts of endangering a child after she admitted to having sex with two boys.

Jessica Hachat, a licensed teacher, met the boys while working for a summer lunch program. The boys, who are both 17 years old, are children with special needs.

Hachat was facing a sentence of 180 days in jail for raping the two boys, but instead, she was sentenced to only three days jail in Lancaster.

Some people feel that this light sentence came as a favor to her stepfather, who is a local sheriff. However, the sheriff claimed that he did not get involved in the case.

He said that since the special needs teens admitted to the sex being consensual it would have been hard for a jury to convict her.

In court, Hatchet made ​​a tearful apology for having sex with the boys saying: “I made a terrible mistake. It was a decision that does not at all align with my character. I am very sorry about it.”

However, the mother of one victim was not impressed and called her “a sorry excuse for a mother, a sorry excuse for a woman and a sorry excuse for human being.”

She also referred to the 30-year-old teacher as a predator. “A predator is a person who ruthlessly exploits others, and I believe that label undoubtedly describes Jessica Hachat.”

The victim’s mother also explained how her special needs child became a victim of the woman’s desire for sex. “It is absolutely heartbreaking that you took advantage of his innocence and his condition,” she said in court.

Hachat was ordered to surrender her teaching license before she began her three day jail sentence.